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By consuming sea salt in our daily diet, we balance and nourish our body with essential minerals.


Atlantis Sea Salt?

Sea salt currently enjoys great popularity in the culinary world for being widely used to marinate meats barbecue grill, and often the choice of those who care about their health. Some prefer it because it is " natural" and has not gone through a process of refinement.

It is obtained directly from the evaporation of seawater. The salt flats are the centers for excellence production of sea salt. Usually, it is not processed and that allows it to retain very small amounts of minerals such as magnesium, potassium and calcium.

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History of Salt


Salt is something we have come to regard ordinary because we have it on our tables every day. But in a not so distant past, wars were fought for possession of it, and civilizations rose and fell in pursuit of what was once known as White Gold.

Salt is the oldest condiment used by man and its importance to life is such that has marked the development of history in its various stages, reaching great economic, political and culinary importance along the different civilizations that have redefined our culture and ways of life. Salt has been part of the culture of ancient civilizations that used it as a ritual element and endowed with great symbolism.

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