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Are high quality artisan salts. They are hand-harvested directly from the ocean water everyday through delicate artisan methods which create the highest quality flake and crystal salt.

Gourmet Sea Salts

Ancla 1 Gourmet

A combination of exotic salts which will upscale your meals flavor to the best one you have ever experienced. As a result of a differentiated production process, gourmet salts are different in shape and belong to a more upscale market than regular sea salt.

Gourmet Atlantis Sea Salt

Flower Salt

The Flower Salt FLOR DEL DELTA, is the thin layer of salt crystals that forms on the surface of the crystallizers of our traditional salt works and harvested manually daily.

The Flower Salt, is a composite of different sea salts, mainly sodium chloride, magnesium chloride, potassium chloride and various salts in small percentages, which provide the organoleptic qualities necessary to enrich and extol the taste of spicy food dramatically.


Due to its marine and natural origin and special  crystallization, the Flower Salt FLOR DEL DELTA contains 80% of the trace elements and minerals needed in our daily diet.


It is a 100% natural product, without any treatment or additives. 

Flakes Salt

Flor del Delta flakes salt comes from the pure Mediterranean sea waters. A unique and exclusive purification process and control during crystallization, flavours the original presentation of the salt in the form of fragile pyramids.


The process of harvesting is very delicate, which translates into a pyramid that can be broken with the fingers or added directly to the dish.


There are many advantages in using Flor del Delta salt flakes: its large size and shape, its crispy structure that adds a new experience, less use of salt and enhances taste even more.


The salt is not hidden in the dish, but it is an innovative ingredient and acts as decoration and taste enhancer. 

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