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In partnership with INFOSA  we offer a variety of high quality salts with diverse presentations and schemes originated from either Sea Salt, Vacuum Salt or Gema Salt Mine,

to satisfy the demanding requirements

of diverse industrial sectors.

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Our Salts have been formulated with the highest quality standards in order to satisfy the demanding nutritional needs in all type of livestock species. Our variety of all natural Sea Salt, Gema Salt Mine Blocks and Gema Rock Salt, are excellent salt supplements sources and have been classified in accordance with the diverse species diets requirements.

Animal Feed / Livestock

Vacuum Salt

Salts obtained from chemically purified brine or salt water, controlled thermal compression and vacuum evaporation processes. They are solidified and crystallized into a spherical shape with a 99.7% purity in sodium chloride (NaCl) content.



Snow Melting,

& Water Treatment

Our specialized Deicing and Snow Melting Salts are ideal to prevent ice formation in roads. They facilitate deicing processes through their direct application into roads or through the production of brine to be utilized in silos and salt spreaders.

General Industry

Are high quality type of salts destined to aid diverse chemical, industrial and manufacturing processes.  

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